January 2 2017

It’s been a long time since we did any work on renovations. We’ve been distracted by other things. So we decided to take advantage of our day off and get some more done on the closet.

We had moved all the renovation stuff into the closet to create more space during the holidays, which means we had to move it all back out in order to keep working.



Once that was done we finished ripping everything off the last wall.


Next we tackled the floor. We originally planned to keep the floor because it’s from the original house, which is neat, but it turns out we’re not going to. The entire house is uneven so every room needs to leveled, which means ripping the floor up. Plus, the floor isn’t in great condition and doesn’t really match what we’re going for, so long story short we’re getting rid of it.


It didn’t take too long to rip it up once we got going. I used the hammer and tiny pry-bar to lift pieces at the end and then Tom got in with the long pry-bar to lift the rest.


Under the one inch slats we found some sort of weird patterned tar paper had been nailed down.


It wasn’t hard to get up, Tom just found a corner and lifted and it came up through the nails in big pieces, and that’s when we made our most interesting discovery yet! The floor had been covered underneath with newspaper. They were all newspapers from 1943 and 1944, so a lot of it is stuff about the war! We thought it was really interesting so we did the extra work of ripping up ALL the nails in order to try and save as much of the newspaper as we could.


That’s where we stopped yesterday. Next we’ll either put up the insulation on the outer wall before ripping the floor up, or we’ll start ripping the rest of the floor up and leveling it and then we can do the insulation after we put the new sub-floor down. It will be up to Tom!



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