Jan 6-8 2017

We got to a point where I can’t really help too much so Tom had to do most of the work.

Next step after where we left off is to rip up the underfloor. It’s dangerous because there isn’t anything underneath, you don’t want to fall through to the basement! Tom did this part by himself.



Once he got all the floor ripped up he had to level the floor. The whole house is not level for some reason, so when we renovate we can’t just pick a floor we like and put it in. We have to go through this process every time. First Tom gets a laser level thing and sit it in the corner and it shoots all around the room so you can see where your floor needs to be. Then he has to measure and cut boards and attach them to the boards under the floor that are already there at the right height so that it makes it level. It’s time-consuming and seems dangerous to me!



When we did the bedroom it took a long time so I was thinking we’d be at this stage for a while but Tom worked hard and had it all done by the end of the weekend! It was really impressive. On Friday night he had just finished ripping the floor up and by Sunday night he had the new sub-floor down!


Garth likes to think he’s helping 🙂

There wasn’t much I could do except help Tom shop for supplies, and get him tools and boards and stuff when he needed it. I’ll be more useful with the next part!


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