Closet – February 27 2017

I’m surprised at how fast the closet is coming together. Maybe it’s because it’s smaller than the bedroom. We got a lot done in the past few days.

On Thursday I did the first coat of paint on the ceiling and Tom cut everything in so I could do the walls.


Tom did the second coats of paint on Friday.


Saturday morning I went to the gym and Tom said he was going to start putting the floor down. When I came home he was pretty much done the whole floor! I wasn’t even at the gym that long, I taught kids class and coed class, so maybe two and a half hours. I was pretty impressed at how quick he’d been. He said he learned a lot from doing the bedroom so it took him less time.


Taking a break to pet L’Oph and gaze out the window…

Ophelia seems to enjoy the new floor haha she won’t have room to stretch out like that once we put in the shelves and vanity!


We think she’s part shark.

Once Tom finished the last few pieces of the floor he went to work on the transition pieces between the bedroom and the closet. He laid the floor on a diagonal in both rooms so instead of trying to get them meet where the door is he put down two horizontal pieces. I was only slightly stressed about how close his face is to that saw blade!


I’ve been looking forward to the closet being done because it means we can get our clothes out of the bedroom, which makes the bedroom bigger and less cluttered. We’re not leaving it like this, Tom is going to build shelving that goes all the way to the ceiling, but for now it’s the dresser and hanger thing and a tiny thing of drawers.


The dresser is Dad’s dresser. It’s been through a lot! I’m pretty sure it’s the dresser that he had when there was the fire in his apartment, he told me it got all burnt up and he had to re-finish it. Then it had to survive Mom’s house, and I wasn’t always so careful with it. It used to be covered in stickers and stuff. A few years ago Tom and I replaced the knobs because the original ones weren’t doing so well, and one of them was missing. We’ll keep it and put it in the extra bedroom we want to make downstairs.

I thought this would be as far as we got for a while but yesterday Tom needed something from Rona. While he was getting his bolts or whatever I went exploring and saw a frying pan that was the exact same green as all of our appliances. I brought it back to Tom to show him and we decided not to get it, but I took a picture of it anyway so we can get it later (maybe during the kitchen renovation haha)


All of our Kitchenaid appliances are this same Candy Apple Green ❤

So we were walking to put it back and saw that cabinets were on sale and ended up leaving with three cabinets to make my vanity.

Originally we were going to do an L shape but it just wasn’t possible so we ended up using two cabinets. Tom cut a piece of plywood and put the mirror up so I could get an idea of what it looks like. I can use it for now until we finish it. I grabbed all my stuff and put it away in the cupboards and some on top. I’m so excited about the vanity, I can’t wait until it’s totally done.


The mirror and stool are temporary.

Tom also put up our little chandelier. Sometimes when he goes into buildings for work there will be stuff he can take. One day he came home with this chandelier and said he got it because he knows green is my favourite colour 🙂

We’ve been using it as the living room light but decided it’s the sort of pretend fancy thing that should go in the closet.


We’re going to return the third cabinet we don’t need and then start looking at something to be the counter of the vanity. And then the only really big thing left to do is build all the shelves. I’m not sure how long that will take. Hopefully not long!

Well, I had this post all ready to go and then Tom said we should go out and try to figure out the counter top for the vanity. So rather than make another post I’ll include it here.

We had to return the third cabinet that we bought and the returns were taking too long so as usual we started being silly:


Apparently having a new vanity did nothing for my hair!

Finally we got it returned and could go look at stuff. Tom said his friend suggested using tile as the counter, instead of actual counter top. So we went and looked at tile. I made Tom help me carry a few of the tiles we were looking at over to the cabinets so we (I) could see how they looked. He laughed at me and said I’m funny but I have a hard time visualizing!

Tom has to cut the piece on the end that’s hanging over.


There’s a closer look at the counter. It’s sort of the same as our “Kitten White” walls. But it’s more like a white kitten that got a little bit muddy and then you washed him but he’s still sort of beige…


After we (I) decided on the counter I liked I also let Tom know that I’d been thinking about it and had an idea for new hardware for the cabinet drawers. He laughed at that too 😛
The old one on the left (not even 24 hours “old” haha) will go in the bathroom. I still really like it, but I like my new handle on the right better for the closet!

So now I think we’re actually done for today and I’m not going to make this post any longer than it already is!


February 20 2017

We’ve been working but I’ve been bad about doing updates!

After the floor was level we put up insulation (or as I call it, “puffy glass”). I actually got this step started! I measured and cut and put insulation in and got a lot done and then Tom finished up.


This room is supposed to be a second bedroom so it’s bigger than we need for the closet. Tom built a wall to make the closet smaller, and then when we go on to the bathroom we’ll tear down the wall that’s there now and have a bigger bathroom.


Tom did all the electrical but it’s boring so I don’t take pictures of it haha then we were all set for drywall. First we did the ceiling which was really hard. Drywall is HEAVY! So the two of us have to lift it up then one of us holds it in place while the other one gets enough screws in to keep it there. I hold and Tom puts screws in because he’s faster at it.

Once enough screws are in to keep it from falling I help put in the rest!


Enter a caption

Tom put up most of the drywall himself. I only helped when it came time to close off the new wall he’d built and he needed to get stuff out of the crawl space created by the new closet wall and the bathroom wall. Tom pretended he was going to trap me in there but Garth wouldn’t let that happen!


When we did the bedroom Tom’s friend came and did the mudding and taping for the drywall but this time Tom did it himself. Sanding makes so much dust, it gets everywhere!

After everything was sanded we were ready to paint! Tom put two coats of primer up and that’s where we are now 🙂