February 20 2017

We’ve been working but I’ve been bad about doing updates!

After the floor was level we put up insulation (or as I call it, “puffy glass”). I actually got this step started! I measured and cut and put insulation in and got a lot done and then Tom finished up.


This room is supposed to be a second bedroom so it’s bigger than we need for the closet. Tom built a wall to make the closet smaller, and then when we go on to the bathroom we’ll tear down the wall that’s there now and have a bigger bathroom.


Tom did all the electrical but it’s boring so I don’t take pictures of it haha then we were all set for drywall. First we did the ceiling which was really hard. Drywall is HEAVY! So the two of us have to lift it up then one of us holds it in place while the other one gets enough screws in to keep it there. I hold and Tom puts screws in because he’s faster at it.

Once enough screws are in to keep it from falling I help put in the rest!


Enter a caption

Tom put up most of the drywall himself. I only helped when it came time to close off the new wall he’d built and he needed to get stuff out of the crawl space created by the new closet wall and the bathroom wall. Tom pretended he was going to trap me in there but Garth wouldn’t let that happen!


When we did the bedroom Tom’s friend came and did the mudding and taping for the drywall but this time Tom did it himself. Sanding makes so much dust, it gets everywhere!

After everything was sanded we were ready to paint! Tom put two coats of primer up and that’s where we are now 🙂



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